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Human Resource Department's function is generally administrative that is common in any organization. The bigger the organization means an increase in workload of management responsibilities. This increase in workload spurs the demand to seek for a system where they could combine HR discipline and specific HR role or activities into one process. This is where MyPeopleWorks comes in. It offers products and services incorporating HRIS and at the same time, expanding further to address the complexities of job search and posting. MyPeopleWorks is a one stop solution that merges knowledge and technology into one "universal database".



Company vacancies, job requirements and work specifications can be readily posted at MyPeopleWorks for easy viewing. Our website poses as a quick access for individuals inquiring for employment. We can also arrange a venue for your firm's in-house job listings bearing a clear cut outlined description and requirements of available position so "existing employees" who wish to upgrade their present status and move to other "functional areas" or perhaps interested to venture on a new field of expertise may apply. Our site will serve as your online bulletin board for your company's important announcement that is open to all applicants qualified for acceptance or employees eligible for reinstatement or recall.


MyPeopleWorks will serve as a meeting ground for employers and applicants. Applicants, as soon as registered with MyPeopleWorks will have the opportunity to browse through job listings uploaded by multiple employers and hiring industries. Job openings will be categorized according to demand, work experience, skills and faculties, wages and compensation. There will be a clear view of where the need is going to be and particularly what education and experience levels are preferred. Job seekers are easily directed towards the occupation of their choice or where compensation is sufficiently offered best. Applicants will have full access to alerts and notifications pertaining to status of application, interview and acceptance.


MyPeopleWorks will serve as a tool for an applicant to make himself visible in the job market. As employers and businessess relying on web based "search engine" to seek professionals who can fill job vacancies grow by the numbers, MyPeopleWorks will act as a device for the purpose of presenting a more comprehensive "searching tool". We simplified our website in order that information is found as quickly as possible, at the same time, ensure that date are secured and stored for later use or queries.

Applicants, as soon as registered to our website, will be immediately linked to a browser page containing the "Jobseeker Profile". The profile page is broken down into sub-topics that will highlight the author's professional background and competencies which allow employers to directly focus and identify quickly the skillset they need. MyPeopleWorks established this type of format that is brief, in order and functional as it clearly defines capabilities and experiences explicit to the job position sought. Applicants will have the opportunity to update and modify content in their CV (curriculum vitae) adjusting it acccording to what they deem relevant to the position desired.

On the other hand, automated transfer and retrieval of data is fast and easy. MyPeopleWorks is designed to be "more convenient and cost-effective" to employers since it will eliminate unnecessary expenses for advertisement or trying to go thru piles of handwritten recruitment forms looking for a suitable candidate and siphoning out the "unwanted". Employers will have the capacity to handle sizeable number of electronic generated resumes, thereby, shortening the time delegated for review and processing.

HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

When data is the most important asset in the company, organization becomes the key element in setting order within the aspect of your administrative and operational role. This organizational scheme aims to optimize effectiveness of the human workforce and promote the functionality of technology and services in order to boost productivity. HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is the newest IT revolution that offers this kind of innovation. As previously discussed, HRIS is bcomputer software employers use to manage human resources functionsb. It is a bsoftware-as-a-serviceb where it is baccessible anywhere, anytimeb. MyPeopleWorks offers its clients the capacity to administer this technology and services using little manpower as possible. Our website offers a form of bsystemic storageb unit that integrates more data into a single database which reduces the size of storage requisite thereby promoting ease in retrieval of pertinent information. MyPeopleWorks is able to modify use and retrieval based on the need and capabilities of your company. By combining our online services designed with HRIS, we aim to deliver a bsolutionb that improves time management and lessen expenses. Human resource processing, planning and decision-making became automated thereby making your HR team befficient, accurate and acceleratedb in their performance.

MyPeopleWorks has included these value-added HR package namely: Employee 201 Records, Jobseekers Module, Benefits, Training, Performance Evaluation, Awards and Disciplinary Action. Incorporating HRIS in our system allows us to assist our clients to keep track of their employeesb personal background, educational profile, employment history, career accomplishment, citations and awards, disciplinary records, leave usage and credits, performance appraisal results, movement and promotions. It is a secure way bto manage employee information in one central locationb from the time of hiring until termination of employment. For example, all information encoded by job applicants during the job search phase are quickly uploaded and generated by hiring personnel. Biometrics gets stored and automatically transferred and updated to the 201 File once hired. We know that there are more activities that will be greatly affected by HRIS down from the very basic of recruitment and selection to the more strategic record keeping, secured maintenance and retrieval. How we establish HRIS system in your organization will depend on you. Nevertheless, with MyPeopleWorks, we make sure that all your HR functions and processes are accomplished with greater accuracy and with less paperwork.


MyPeopleWorks has prepared this initiative of search based retrieval of data relevant to a certain task. This query listing is made so that clients are able to rely on their online documentation more accurately. The act of searching for a specific data stored in the database becomes easier and manageable. Web query is the binterrogation of a collection of data as records in databaseb. It is the ability to bsearch a single file or collection of filesb based on a bmatching conditionb, for example bretrieve all male graduates of La Salle ages 30-40 years oldb. Our role is to be able to categorize your search query and assign it to a determined category based on a reference point given. This method of bbased on query listingb will have the potential of organizing a large number of stored data and narrowing it down into a specified classification. It immediately links the user to the filtered result thereby promoting ease in navigation and acquiring up to date result.


Another program developed by MyPeopleWorks which has some semblance to the bbased on query listingb. The difference is that it will involve a much broader inquiry in the form of scenarios and will prove to be an advantage for department head or managers. Herebs an example of that scenario: bwhat if I need to increase salary of employees in a specific department by percentage or amount value?b This is based on the idea if a certain classified employee/employees are deemed eligible to "move to a higher salary step within the range of his/their current class". Our database will allow employers to review salaries and analyze perceive adjustments based on online generated report reflecting criteria like current base pay, labor market conditions, promotions, length of service, etc. This will serve as a tool for management to analyze bcompensation ratiob used to justify salary adjustment resulting in higher employee retention. With MyPeopleWorks, your task is getting even more simplified! With us, you will have the opportunity to conduct regular study and review to determine if your company is paying competitive wages and remains at par with labor market rates. (For more enhanced employee compensation products and services, you may visit our affiliate


MyPeopleWorks shall aggressively propagate services and products plus the benefits derived from this technology through massive advertising. We aim to gain recognition, attract and maintain our clients by utilizing multiple media categories such as combination of television, radio, newspaper and the internet. We will further disseminate information about our products by establishing tie-up with schools/universities, commercial establishments, telecoms, job fairs, trade exhibits, etc. We will use various media such as billboards, flyers, posters, banners, mobile updates and slogans on network sites in order to reach our desired audience. And because social networking sites have established their own popularity in terms of gaining huge number of followers, MyPeopleWorks has made itself visible on Facebook via its fan page : and on twitter at
We will strengthen our media planners in establishing media tactics or strategies to catch the consumerbs attention. Our planners will design new media options including proliferation of freebies and sales promotions in order to retain interest of our clients.



MyPeopleWorks is a service provider you can access anytime, anywhere 24/7. You can choose to access from a landline to a dial-up service or 24-hour broad band services. It will be your meeting ground wherever in the world you will be, securely connecting your company's executives, personnel and employees quickly. Everything under the sun will be right at your fingertips allowing you to perform your duties even from the convenience of your home. In the event of errors, MyPeopleWorks can be easily reached to provide online support and resolve technical difficulties.


We have establish connection with "" to safeguard your online information against fraudulent intrusion and identity theft. We ensure optimum confidentiality and integrity by establishing measures and protocols to protect transfer of data and encryption.


MyPeopleWorks guarantess its consumers cost effective products and services offering sizeable reduction to their current costs. We shall continue to offer innovations at a lower cost at the same time monitor changes in market pricing and be able to update our own rates to remain competitive.


Given our passion for continued enhancement, knowledge of new technology and introduction and implementation of best practices in the industry, MyPeopleWorks is confident that it can surpass the success of other reputable online jobsearch and posting companies. Our servers and data center can handle huge memory requirements ensuring fast and real time data processing and generation. Our research and development team continously equip themselves with the latest technology that will further improve our products and services.


We are your one-stop HR solution package combining job search and posting with HRIS. Our Human Resource Information System is modified and customized to perfectly fit and address your needs. HRIS will provide a "sophisticated interface" that allows whoever has access to update and modify data. Complex transactions became easy allowing you to manage your time appropriately.


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